West End Neighborhood House

“Cornerstone West helped me purchase the home of my dreams. I truly love my house, my porch, my neighbors and being so close to Little Italy shops and restaurants.” - Maria Shevchenko, Cornerstone West customer

History of West End Neighborhood House

Homes for sale now!

Looking to purchase a home? Know someone who is? There are some wonderful, fully renovated homes on the west side! Qualifying buyers could pay as little as $500/month (including taxes and insurance). Properties for sale at 102, 106 and 113 North Dupont St. Contact Johanna Novack (302) 888-0300 for more info.


History of West End Neighborhood House History of West End Neighborhood House


West End Neighborhood House has been a long-time leader in the revitalization of Wilmington’s West Side. West End offers housing services to fit the diverse needs of our community because we believe that safe, affordable housing is the key to personal financial success and to the health of our overall community. From providing housing or assistance to  homeownership counseling and affordable homes through Cornerstone West, our sister agency, West End has the housing opportunity you’re looking for.

Preparing to Buy a Home

If you’re thinking of buying a home, West End’s pre-housing counseling services (provided through a partnership with Delaware State Housing Authority and the $tand By Me program’s ‘Kiss Your Landlord Goodbye‘ initiative) help prepare potential home buyers who are not yet ready to begin formal housing counseling. By guiding them as they build/repair credit, pay down debt, develop and follow a budget and increase savings, potential home owners become ‘mortgage-ready’ and are subsequently referred to a housing counselor to begin formal housing counseling. For more information, call 302-658-4171 and ask to speak to with one of our program representatives. Or, if you’re ready to begin formal housing counseling, we also that service on-site through our partner Clarifi.

If you’re trying to save for a home or are seeking a loan to move to a safe, affordable apartment,  check out our  our Statewide Security Deposit Loan Program.

Ready to Buy?

Cornerstone West, Community Development Corporation is a not-for-profit community development corporation which grew from a collaborative effort between West End Neighborhood House, Inc., St. Francis Hospital and the community. Cornerstone creates homeownership opportunities through the renovation, construction and sale of homes; provides home improvement opportunities to current homeowners through the rehabilitation of their homes; and facilitates collaborative strategies for community revitalization. For an update on our newly constructed townhomes for sale on Douglass/Dupont Streets, click here.

Housing for Former Foster Care Youth

When foster care youth in the state of Delaware turn 18, many of them struggle to adapt to adult life. West End’s Life Lines program provides Transitional and Permanent housing, as well as intensive case management, for former foster care youth between the ages of 16-23.

For more information about housing for former foster care youth, check out the Life Lines Program.