West End Neighborhood House

Director’s Message

Paul F. Calistro, Jr. - Executive Director West End Neighborhood House

Over the past 135 years, West End Neighborhood House has helped generations of Delawareans succeed in becoming and remaining self-sufficient. Our long history of success has proven that given the chance, individually and collectively people can overcome their challenges and reach their maximum potential.

In 1883, our founder Emily Bissell was determined to make sure that children had a safe place to learn, play and grow. She also recognized that families were struggling to gain employment, maintain affordable housing and proper health care. Today – not unlike the late 1800s – families come to West End with dreams of a better life for themselves and their children. Since that time, hundreds of thousands have come to West End seeking our advice, programs and assistance to help make those dreams become reality.

For over a century, our programs and services have maintained a reputation for excellence and are both sought after and supported by the public. Our volunteers and staff are continually lauded by visitors, funders and customers alike. Their passion and dedication to excellence is truly an inspiration to all. Staying relevant to the community continues to be a hallmark of our agency. We have proven that hard work, compassion and innovation can lead to stronger, healthier communities. No matter what lies ahead, West End will continue to be a haven for those seeking safety, a beacon for those that have lost their way, and an anchor for those in need.

As you explore our website, we hope you find programs and initiatives that speak to you. Whether you are seeking services or are interested in helping our organization thrive, we welcome you to West End.


Paul F. Calistro, Jr.
Executive Director