West End Neighborhood House

Message from our Board President:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of West End Neighborhood House, welcome to West End. Whether you are seeking services, an opportunity to volunteer, or are simply interested in our work, we hope you feel at home here. We also invite you to keep abreast of the latest developments by reading our monthly newsletter, which describes the progress West End makes in helping its customers achieve self-sufficiency.

Although I first joined the board just a few years ago, I have been involved with and supported the organization for a number of years and in various capacities. During that time, I have been (and continue to be) impressed by the organization’s leadership and reputation for creating innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our community. Despite a diverse array of programs (financial coaching, job creation and placement and technology instruction for youth, just to name a few) West End’s focus is clear - helping others help themselves. This, along with the organization’s adaptability to rapidly changing societal conditions, has been the foundation of its success over the last 133 years. Whatever your particular need may be, chances are you can find help at West End. Even if you can’t, their courteous and professional staff will guide you to the right resource. That is the ‘West End way.’

As I begin my tenure as West End’s board president, I am proud of its history, excited by our current endeavors, and hopeful and optimistic for the bright future that lies ahead. I am honored to support West End Neighborhood House, and, on behalf of my fellow board members, hope you will join us in supporting West End's hardworking and dedicated staff, friends and volunteers to improve our community.

Clint Walker
Board President

Board Members

PRESIDENT – Clint Walker
– John Matarese
– Carol J. Anderson
TREASURER – Michael A. Albero, CPA, MST

Jeff Argus
Nino DiRienzo
Linda Friedman, Ph.D
David Holden
Evan W. Krick, Esq.
Danielle Manley
Penny F. Marshall, Esq.
Gene McGrory
Mary Ann Miller
Heddi Mitchell
Alyssa Pietrobono
Patricia L. Quann
Damali Thomas
Sherri D. Tull-Hubbard
Kerry Welsh
Joe Westcott

The Hon. Thomas L. Ambro, Esq.
Ryan Barry
William Beck
William Di Nardo, Jr.
Linda D. Farquhar
Doug Gramiak
Robert V. A. Harra, Jr.
Theresa A. Hasson
Edmond M. Ianni, Esq.
John P. McMenamin
Carolyn McNeice
James Paoli
Philip S. Reese
R. Craig Stabler
Laura T. Stark
Susan P. Terranova
Greta D. White
Kathleen D. Wilhere
Leonard J. Young, Jr.

Paul Andrisani
Azalia Briggs
Michael B. Clark
Paul E. DiSabatino
Jean M. Lewis
Carl S. Mazzarelli, Sr.
Judith A. Smith
Vincent L. Strano