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Delaware Center for Horticulture presents tree canvassing

Title: Delaware Center for Horticulture presents tree canvassing
Location: 1810 North Dupont Street
Description: We are looking for tree advocates to go door-to-door inviting Wilmington residents to sign-up for our Free Tree program. This will be accomplished by leaving door hangers (sample attached) as well as talking with residents. The DCH will provide an orientation to canvassing, talking points, our Free Tree program, and safety. All volunteer canvassers will have at least one partner at all times. Interested volunteers should be comfortable driving to the site, walking in residential areas in all neighborhoods within the City of Wilmington, and willing to talk with residents about the benefits of trees. We will begin canvassing areas of the City identified by Trees for Wilmington as having low tree canopy cover.
Start Time: 16:00
Date: 2010-06-22
End Time: 17:00