West End Neighborhood House


Working for nonprofit has given many rewards

When I graduated from college a month ago, I was faced with few job prospects. With tons of recently laid-off financial professionals competing for a dwindling job pool, someone with decent grades and no professional experience beyond caddying and delivering pizza didn’t stand out much.

Struggling to find a job, I began an unpaid internship at West End Neighborhood House in Wilmington.

I have been here for almost a month, and it has been a great experience. While most business is slow in this recession, West End, which offers job training, low-interest loans and other housing and financial services, is busier than ever.

I have been able to work on a variety of interesting projects from day one, such as contacting local business leaders about an upcoming community event, creating budget reports, and using Facebook and YouTube to promote the organization.

Working at West End, I am constantly reminded of its impact in the community. The building is full of former foster-care youths receiving assistance through the Life Lines program, people of all ages taking free computer classes, and people receiving help finding a job or earning their GED.

As someone who was fortunate enough to have two parents who provided for my needs and encouraged me in every step of my education, it is nice to play a small part in an organization that provides those same benefits to those who aren’t as fortunate.

Michael Nachbar