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Services for Foster Care Youth

Helping improve the quality of life for foster care youth

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The Life Lines Programs serve current and former foster care youth ages 16-23. Our programming is specially designed to help youth become self sufficient, contributing members of society. Youth in Life Lines benefit from intensive case management and are assisted with educational and training endeavors, financial education, medication management, employment placement assistance, mental health services, and general life skills instruction.

Independent Living

Life Lines Independent Living Program serves foster care youth between the ages of 16-21 with intensive case management. Independent Living Providers employ a “hands-on” approach through advocacy, education, training, and housing placement assistance, as well as instruction in financial management, life and employment skills.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must be between the ages of 16-21
  • Must be a ward of Delaware’s foster care system
  • Must be willing to contract for services

Referral Process: All youth in Delaware’s foster care system between the ages of 16-21 MUST have an Independent Living Provider. The Division of Family Services (DFS) case worker assigned to each youth is responsible for referring eligible candidates to an Independent Living Provider.

Life Lines Housing

Life Lines Housing continuum boasts an array of housing options coupled with specialized programming designed to meet the varied needs of foster care youth. Youth in Life Lines housing benefit from varied degrees of on-site supervision, intensive case management and the opportunity to practice the skills of daily living. Designed to simulate independent adult living in a supportive and educational atmosphere, Life Lines youth work toward individualized goals and realize their full potential.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must have been emancipated from Delaware’s foster care system at 18 years of age
  • Must be between the ages of 18-23
  • Must be committed to personal growth, willing to participate in all aspects of the program, comply with all program rules and not be considered a danger to self or others

Referral Process: All referrals for Life Lines Housing must come from Independent Living Providers.

For more information, contact:
Elizabeth Everett

(302) 658-4171

Bright Spot Ventures

BRIGHT SPOT VENTURES is a social enterprise to empower and employ youth.

Bright Spot Ventures is Delaware’s first social enterprise managed by youth currently or formerly involved with the foster care system. Currently, Bright Spot Ventures operates the Cool Spring Farmers Market and Urban Farm atop the Rodney Street Reservoir.

West End initiated Bright Spot Ventures to offer realistic work experience to youth who have encountered the foster care system. Bright Spot Ventures employs, empowers, and equips youth with the necessary skills to successfully transition into adulthood.

The Bright Spot Venture experience promotes positive and meaningful outcomes for involved youth. Impacts include resume-worthy employment experience which will facilitate the transition to full-time education and/or employment. BSV offers an environment in which youth can safely learn appropriate work-place behaviors, improve time management and interpersonal skills, and develop habits that lead to a successful transition into adulthood.

• Make a tax-deductible financial donation which will be leveraged by BSV earned revenue strategies
• Hire a BSV intern, paid by BSV
• Connect BSV to colleges and trade programs

For more information, contact:

Ally Schonfeld

(302) 658-4171

Delaware Foster Care Mentoring Program

West End’s Life Lines program, Delaware’s Division of Family Services, the State Office of Volunteerism, People’s Place, and the Murphy School are partnering to develop state-wide mentoring services for youth, ages 16 – 21, who are transitioning out of the state’s foster care system and participating in Independent Living case management. One-on-one mentoring aims to expand the youths’ networks of support. The program will match trained volunteer mentors from diverse backgrounds with transitional youth to provide them with emotional guidance and friendship.

If you would like more information about the program or how to become a mentor, please contact:

Elizabeth Everett
(302) 658-4171