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Loans Plus is your alternative to payday lending.

Typical Payday Lender

• 365-1,230% APR (or higher)

• No financial or credit education

• Lump sum repayment or interest only roll-overs

• Same day cash!

• No long term solution!

Loans Plus Program

• 9.99% APR

• Financial education AND CREDIT ESTABLISHMENT!

• No roll-overs. Payment plans up to 3 months

• Same day cash!

• Referrals to offer long term solutions

If you’re ready to get started, Click Here to begin the application process.

Loan Programs

Loan Products

West End does more than simply lend money. Our low-interest loan products come with case management, financial education and credit establishment or reestablishment.

The Statewide Security Deposit Loan Program (SDLP) helps families throughout Delaware relocate to safe, affordable housing by providing loans for security deposits, utility deposits and moving vendors. To apply, call 302-658-4171 to schedule an appointment.

Loans Plus is a statewide program offering an alternative to payday lending. Working individuals can receive a same-day cash loan of up to $500. Requirements include:

  • Minimum two most recent pay stubs (or four if paid weekly)
  • Valid ID issued by State of Delaware DMV only
  • Most recent checking account statement with NO overdraft charges, overdraft transfers or negative balances
  • Most recent utility bill with all pages and/or current lease
  • Checkbook

To learn more about how Loans Plus can help you achieve financial freedom, click below to watch the WHYY video unveiling the program in July of 2009.

WHYY Segment on West End’s Loans Plus Program

To fill out an application for either SDLP or Loans Plus, or to schedule an appointment, call 302-658-4171.